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Dear Aimee,

Just wanted to send a quick note to tell you that I think your gowns are awesome! Great thick fabric quality and comfort…totally better than I was expecting. Thank you for this product.

Stacy A.
Great Barrington, MA

I ordered a small black gown 3 1/2 year ago when I was pregnant with my youngest child. I've been wearing it every since and only now is it starting to wear out. I don't plan on having any more children, but I love that gown so I've decided to order another one! I'm trying the cranberry one this time and I'm ordering a gown for my pregnant friend too. I love that I can answer the door in that night gown and walk around my in-laws house without feeling like I'm wearing a night gown! Just thought I would send a note of appreciation after all these years. Kudos on producing a terrific product!
Melinda H.
Hi Aimee...

Let me first tell you that i have ordered probably 20 of these travel sized blankets from you. I give them as gifts and my daughter has gone through 4 by herself in her 2 years of comforts her every night and she cant live without it so for that Thank You! I'm sure u don't remember but we are military and used to live in Germany and you were so kind as to adjust your shipping to accommodate us. i really appreciated it. I still wear the bottoms to the nursing PJ's as workout pants! LOL...

Anyway, please just change my order to 3 pink travel sized and ship them whenever they come in if you can. The quality of your products and your personal touches are always appreciated!

Dawn B.

I have been meaning to write and tell you how much I have enjoyed my Aimee nursing gowns.

I purchased an extra large black one when I was pregnant with my son. It was so comfortable, I purchased a pink one and a deep red one. My son nursed for 11 months. He is 13 months old and I am still wearing Aimee nursing gowns. Actually, I'm wearing my black one right now! I wish that I had been able to wear this gown when I nursed my daughter. I had the old fashioned pajamas with the slits--too revealing when you have guests in your home.

They are so comfortable and attractive. I would rather wear this gown than a cotton t-shirt and shorts.

Thanks for a great product! I recommend this nightgown to all my pregnant friends considering nursing.

Jill D.

Although I am finished having babies, I still receive e-mails from your website and thought I would just let you know how much I still love your gowns. I had my 3rd and last baby 2 1/2 years ago and I still wear and love the 2 gowns that I purchased. The design is so versatile that anyone can wear them during and beyond pregnancy. I know I’ll continue to wear mine until they wear out. Also, they were wonderful during breastfeeding!! A must have for all Moms planning to nurse. Thanks again for a great product!!

Aimee S.
Hanover, MD

Thank you!

I just wanted to tell you Thanks. My daughter and I have been looking at your products in magazines for months. She is 38 weeks and was looking for something to wear at the hospital that would also be nice for lounging and breastfeeding. I order the pajamas for her on Monday night and they were delivered by Friday. I can't thank you enough for your prompt service. She loves them!

Thanks again,

Pamela B

Aimee products~ I recently purchased one of your pajama sets for my daughter (who’s expecting twins) for her birthday. I read so many complimentary articles regarding your gowns that I decided to order one.

My daughter is only 12 weeks into her pregnancy…but loves to lounge in the pj’s. She can’t believe how comfortable & supportive they feel. Thanks for living up to your recommendations! Think I’ll buy her another set.


I just wanted to send an email to thank you for the wonderful gown you have designed. I am eight months pregnant with my seventh child, and I have tried every nursing gown on the market--I have NEVER in my life been so pleased with a gown. I will be placing another order next week for another color gown. I can't say enough about the high quality, beauty, and the sexiness of this gown. Thank you so much! You have made a pregnant/nursing mom feel beautiful--and that is no small task!

Misty L.

I just have to write to tell you how absolutely impressed I am by your amazing customer service. I received my original order (shipped the same day I ordered it) within 4 days and I had to return one item that did not fit well. I received confirmation that you have already sent the replacement in the same day you received my return package (per my fed ex confirmation). I'm astounded. Thanks so much - I look forward to receiving the replacement as I absolutely love the gown and the PJs you sent last week. This is my third child and how I wish I had known about you when I was breastfeeding the other two! I will tell everyone I know about you.

OH MY. I love my new nursing gown. I am getting ready to purchase more. I just wanted to say thank you to someone for finally figuring out how to make an attractive nightgown for nursing moms that didn't look like it came out of a country closet!

Jackie C.

Hi Aimee~
Just wanted to say "Congrats!" It looks like business has been booming for you since I bought my two beloved nursing gowns nearly 3 years ago - good for you! The website looks fantastic.

I have to tell you how much I love these gowns. Like the moms who wrote some of your reviews, I bought my Aimee gowns because I hated everything else I saw in stores and online - they all looked frilly and frumpy... not at all my style. Then I ended up on bed rest for 11 weeks, so I lived in them night and day. And I lived in them for the 5 months I stayed home with my son, and continued to adore them for the whole 18 months I nursed him. He's 27 months old and weaned now, but I still wear them -- I'm wearing one right now, as a matter of fact! Only trouble is, I've shrunk quite a bit since I bought them (thankfully!) so they're too loose to give me any support now. Which is what brought me back to your website this morning ... I'm not pregnant or nursing, but I want another one of these awesome nightgowns (I see you have cranberry now -- gorgeous!) The pajamas look insanely comfy too. they may be hard to resist.

Thank you for creating such a top-notch product. I guarantee I'll be a repeat customer, as I intend to give Aimee gowns as new-mom gifts whenever the occasion arises.

Michelle K.

I just recently received my new black, fabulous gown!!! I am in total love! I started looking for something to wear to the hospital (I am due with my first on Feb 2) and everything I saw looked like something my grandmother would say looked fuddy-duddy. Everything was pink and blue, oversized, and frankly ugly. I wanted something with richer colors, and a little more appealing. I had been doing the oversized-husband t-shirt thing for months now, and was tired of looking so blah as well. And I wasn't gonna do that when I went to the hospital. I happened upon your site and took a chance on your black nursing gown, and I am so happy you wouldn't even KNOW. It is comfortable, looks cute with my current bump, and I think will be wonderful at the hospital and later, when I am breast feeding. THANK YOU!

Pia P.

Hi there!! I was writing to let you know I LOVE your gowns. I ordered them a couple of months ago and they are sooo comfy!! I'm due to have my baby induced in 4 days and I plan to live in these for the next couple of months!!

Dawn M.

I absolutely love this gown. It is stylish, fits well and even feels good! I wore it when I was in my last trimester and am still wearing it now that my baby has just turned one. I will recommend it to my pregnant friends as a must have item. Thanks so much.


Hello Customer Service:

I just received my order today and could not be more thrilled! Even 9+ months pregnant, it looks stunning on me. Compared to each and every nursing gown I have tried on (even at the Mimi Maternity price point) I could not find anything with this kind of support that is so flattering and comfortable! I have many pregnant friends right now, and I will recommend your gowns to all of them. I will likely purchase another gown in a different color once I get home from the hospital. What a wonderful product for a very good price!

Thanks for the prompt service; I am so excited I received this in time to go to the hospital.


Kelly P.

Aimee Gowns are so worth it. I love mine! I wore it for most of the last month of my pregnancy and am still wearing almost every night. It's incredibly comfortable and it's so easy to nurse in. I highly recommend them.

anonymous web review

Hi Aimee,

I just wanted to let you know that I got the gown in the mail and I love it! I just had our son on the 28th of January and it has come in handy so much. I am breastfeeding and I like the easy access for both feeding and pumping. It's so comfortable and the medium fits great!


Shawon B.

The nursing pajamas are a good call -- I bought a nursing gown from Aimee and absolutely LIVED in it for the first couple weeks of Noah's life, until he pooped on it. Then I realized that I should probably wash it.

anonymous web review


Just received the gown and robe yesterday– very cute and sexy, and my husband approves, and thinks I should order more!

Thanks again, and I’m sure I’ll be ordering more colors....

Katherine C.
Hi Aimee-

I just wanted to thank you for making such a well designed product. I have recently received my order and I am extremely pleased with the promptness of the delivery, the feel of the fabric, the workmanship and the fit. It is a pleasure to wear the gown and it is very flattering - even though I am still 37 weeks pregnant. I'm sure it will look much nicer after delivery. I was afraid I would stretch out the fabric, but the material seems so resilient, I am not concerned about that. Washes nicely too.

I have several other nursing nightshirts and pajamas - the kind with the slit in the center and the two openings to either side. I find that design is falling open and looks terrible. I also have one which is like a big T-shirt with an overlay on the top. That works, but it looks frumpy and doesn't hold breast pads. I'm am so happy to have found your product. Nice design and very comfortable. This is my second child and I am confident that the design will be equally useful for breastfeeding.

Sumiko C.
Hi Aimee!

I received the gown and robe yesterday and I LOVE them!!! They are so comfortable. I already suggested them to a girlfriend of mine and she will be placing an order soon.

Thanks so much!

Bine T.
I just wanted to let you know that I searched and searched and I found your website. After my first pregnancy and delivery, I knew I wanted a real nursing gown before I had another baby. I have been searching for two and a half years and now that I am six months along I knew it was time to buy a gown.

I got two gowns in the mail yesterday and I absolutely love them. I will be fashionable and comfortable from teh very beginning and I won't feel like I'm flashing anyone or that I have to be some kind of acrobat to get my breast out for my baby.

Thank you for an awesome product!

Katherine D.W.
Just wanted to let you know that I love your gowns. I am expecting our 2nd child within a month and look forward to putting it to use. With our first son he exclusively nursed. I found most gowns with slits to be awkward, in the way, and you needed to wear a nursing bra with them, especially in the beginning when using nursing pads. I ordered one of your gowns recently and I have found it to be so comfortable that I wear it all the time already. It seems like it will be so much easier to use with the new baby. So, I had to place an order for a second. Thanks for such a great product..

Katrina S.
I just wanted you to know how much I love my gowns!! I bought two & showed them to other moms. They couldn't get over how nice they are. They wished they would've know about your gowns when they had their babies. Mine are already washed & packed in my hospital bag!
Only 6 weeks to go!

Shannon L.
Love the gown! Believe it or not, I am wearing it to a wedding this weekend, and as a BRIDESMAID! I needed a light blue dress, and I'm breastfeeding, so when I saw your piece thought I'd try it out, and it works! Thought you would enjoy knowing that it has many uses!