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Hersday® Hotlist!

Today's hotlist is every pregnant woman's hospital bag essential. For all the pregnant people out there this pack was for you. We had a gown to make you look your best as well as a kit to help you ease all that pain.

"make those late night (or early morning) feedings a little more bearable."

"You'll feel pampered by the soft fabric, the flattering relaxed fit and the easy-access nursing design."

"She gave me an Aimee gown for nursing, but honestly I've worn it pregnant, nursing, and non-pregnant/nursing because it's so comfortable."

"Check out the many styles and fabrics available today from stylish and trendy, to classic and practical, there is a pair of nursing pajamas perfect for you and your needs."

Bedrest Style: Make lounging
around stylish and fun!

"Aimee pajamas are one of my favorite things to wear. Simple, clean and elegant, these classic tops and knit pants feel like your favorite PJs but dress up in a flash with a chunky necklace or shawl."

"Did you ever hear of a nursing nightgown that would instantly make you feel sexy?...I felt like I was channeling Sofia Loren! It was also so comfortable to sleep in and all the nurses remarked on how darling it was."

Around the House

"Around the House, comfy pajamas or nightgown. Aimee Gowns top and lounge pants give nursing moms style and bra-less support."
(Pregnancy Buyer's Guide Fall 2007)

"Get Comfy: Asleep or awake, feel beautiful and comfortable." Aimee Gowns top and Lounge Pants.
(Pregnancy - Ultimate Beauty and Style Guide, Summer 2007)

Nursing Bras 101

"Aimee nursing nightgowns are perfect for a stay in the hospital and beyond."
(Pregnancy Buyer's Guide, Fall/Winter, 2006)

Lap of Luxury: Nursing gowns

"We abhor apres-pregnancy wear that looks like something pulled from your grandmother's top drawer. Instead of wishing away the frump, indulge in something made just for this time in your life. Beautifully feminine nightwear from Aimee's nursing gowns delivers easy access for baby during the night without sacrificing comfort (or looks for that matter). Made from a comfy comfy cotton/Lycra blend and fitted with an empire waist, this gown is almost too pretty to keep for just sleeping.
Not the nightgown sort? Cocoon yourself in their line of lounge-wear in sage or chocolate brown. Pick out your affordable luxury at"

(ePregnancy Magazine, May, 2006 Issue)

Parent's Expecting Magazine

Stuff We Love
"We couldn't resist these adorable products for mom's and babies. That's so Cute! Totally comfy nursing nightie, $42 Aimee."
(Parent's Expecting, Fall, 2005 Issue)


Pregnancy Buyer's Guide

"This soft, cotton nursing gown is perfect for breastfeeding moms. The split front gives you easy breastfeeding access without snaps and hooks, and its not-too-snug fit gives your breasts plenty of support and holds breast pads comfortably in place".
(2006 Annual Special Edition)


2005 Cool Product Award

"This has got to be the most comfortable review I have ever had the pleasure of doing. I absolutely love this gown!

The mid-calf length and knee high slit are perfect. When going up and down the stairs, with baby in my arms, the last thing I want to worry about is tripping on my gown. Yet I also want it long enough to be comfortable and warm. Aimee Gowns have provided all of this with the innovative design of the Aimee Nursing Gown."

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Mommies with Style

"During the last couple months of my pregnancy, I've been "preparing for success" in breastfeeding, since last time didn't go as planned for me. While searching for a nursing gown that didn't make me look like a hideous post-partum cow, I found the Aimee Nursing Gown."
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