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Stretchmark Prevention Cream

The perfect gift for an expectant mom!

This organic spa cream treatment is infused with refined shea butter,aloe, olive and grapeseed oils, with added certified organic botanicals including therapeutic vitamin E, lavender, verbena and orange flowers. This super antioxidant cream is calming and leaves the skin with increased elasticity, visibly pliable, supple and smooth to prevent or reduce stretch marks that occur during pregnancy. Natural age-defying green tea, plus vitamin C offer vital protection while super emollients moisturize for smooth, supple results after every use. To be applied at the beginning of a pregnancy on the tummy, hips, buttocks and breasts where stretch marks tend to appear. Calming honey scent.

"My Aunt, the creator of Pure Joy Spa products, gave me a bottle of her new stretchmark prevention cream to try out at the beginning of my fourth pregnancy. I had some old stretchmarks from my third son that were faded and I was sure they would reappear or get worse. I used the cream every day after the shower and sometimes before bed and not only did I not see 1 new stretchmark but my old ones didn't even get pink or change color at all! I decided this product HAD to be on our site!" Aimee

NOTE: "Although the stretch mark prevention cream contains organic and natural ingredients, all consumers must check the label before purchase if prone to allergies. If in doubt, do a patch test on the wrist and wait 24 hours before applying on the recommended areas, or check with your doctor."